Friday, March 26, 2010

Maryland Invitational

We have several runners competing tomorrow at the University of Maryland Invitational. The 5000 meters is scheduled to go off with the women first at 9:00am, men will follow. I have not seen a schedule yet ( i got the start time for the 5k from Danielle last night). I plan to arrive at UMD at 7:30 and warm up around 8:30. I am going to chill in the car or find a nice area in a nearby building to camp out for awhile. If anybody who is participating or wants to come to spectate would like to carpool, we can comment to this message.

Best of luck to Klim, Murphy and Reaves who have started their own wolfpack, and will be racing against other wolfpacks at the NC State Wolfpack Invitational. I guess this answers the question if Wolves and Foxes get along... who would of thought... Good luck fellas!


Peter said...

Best of luck to all racers!

PR said...


Reaves and Murphy "hosed" by early heat of 5k and will race a road 5k tomorrow instead. Klim to race at 6:00 PM.