Sunday, March 14, 2010

UPDATE: St. Patricks Day 8K results

3 Dirk De Heer M 28 Silver Spring MD 24:36 4:57
18 Charlie Ban M 27 Falls Church VA 27:23 5:31


Peter said...

2 sub 25min 8Ks in a week, SOLID!

Charlie Ban continues to fight his way back to competitive fitness.

Good job guys!

Charlie Ban said...

While I was disappointed not to average 5:20s, I was even more disappointed the newly-minted Mr. and Mrs. David Burnham did not shake off the effects of a late-night wedding to come out and toe the line. COME ON!!!! Also, congratulations to Dave and Sarah

paulzwama said...


Im a good friend of Dirk and I think you would have ran 5.20's on an easier course!! Dirk told me about the multiple 180 degree turns and some hills. I'll be out there running with you guys on the track before the year ends!
Good luck everyone with the upcoming races!