Thursday, March 11, 2010

GRC Singlet

I meant to bring it up at the workout last night and totally forgot... Could someone who has one of the old Brooks GRC singlets, bring it to the run from the store on saturday? I spoke with Klim and he said he would take it off your hands and hand it off to me next week (as I will be in PA this weekend). If anyone happens to have an extra white nike singlet, that would be even better... as I planned to just cover up the nike symbol w/ tape. But the old brooks singlet would do just fine for the meantime. I am looking for a medium ... if possible...

Thanks, and best of luck to all racing this weekend!


Peter said...

Wiggy, I have a white singlet for you. I'll try to get it to you directly or via the Red Fox.

Unknown said...

Thanks TP... Muuch appreciated