Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reaves, Sloane both looking to call themselves PR today!

Patrick Reaves is racing the Half Marathon today (gun goes off at 7am)
while Chris Sloane is racing the Marathon (gun goes off at 8am)

These guys are ready to run something quick on this fast course. I will have cell phone on course and will text updates to klim and chicken tender... These guys are ready to roll!


7:49 - leaders in half marathon pass "10 miles rolling"...probably a group looking for a trials qualifier of 1:05.

7:51 - Berdan of Falls Road hits mile 10 in 51 flat

7:54 - Reaves in 13th place at mile 10...split unsure (circa 54-55 is but a guess)

7:59 - Reaves digs it in and heads towards finish line

8:00 - Sloane toes the line and heads for personal glory

8:01 - Jake Marren wakes up in Jamaican hotel and heads out for long run

8:11 - UNOFFICIAL - 1:11:02, top 20 for Patrick Reaves...result could be faster. Either way, Reaves has knocked about 1 minute off his previous best.

MIKE MORGAN - 1:04:49
DAVE BERDAN - 1:06:09
TIM YOUNG - 1:07:50

ANDREW CLOKE - 1:08:11

8:20 - Reaves: "tough day, battled head wind alone after mile 7"

8:25 - Sloane 25 minutes into marathon. Hopes to better PR of 2:38.

Reaves OFFICIAL TIME is 1:10:56! PLACES 15th OVERALL



KLIM said...

I standby ready for updates...

Peter said...

Great race PR!

RM said...

Great job to all, and noticed Mike Smith running a 1:10:07 up at NYC Half, with of course Wardian dropping a 1:09:37 the day after winning in DC.

What a talented little area we have around here!