Saturday, March 31, 2018

FLASH: All-Time list assault down south

A wise man once said that if you want to run a fast time on the track in March, it's best to go south. Sure enough, this adage held true at both Raleigh Relays and Fred Hardy.

Raleigh Relays

Men's 10000m
14. Lucas Stalnaker 29:27.93 (#1 GRC All-Time)
50. Stewart Reich 30:23.37
69. Ryan Speir 30:55.86

Fred Hardy Invitational

Men's 5000m
10. Mark Hopely 15:28.21

Women's 1500m
3. Alyson McGonigle 4:34.06 (#4 GRC All-Time)

Men's 800m
5. Craig Morgan 1:56.57 (#4 GRC All-Time)

Women's 800m
5. Alex Morris 2:13.58 (#2 GRC All-Time)
8. Jackie Kasal 2:16. 02 (#5 GRC All-Time)


Monday, March 19, 2018

Weekend Recap: UMD Invite, TK vs. Teddy Roosevelt

Despite lousy Smarch weather, our track crew opened up the outdoor season with a bang on Saturday at the Maryland Invitational. Highlights include impressive early season PR's from Maura L and Kyle Wagener in the 5k, a victory in the 1500m from Alex Morris, and a club record performance in the 1500m from Daniel Trettel. It's safe to bet that Daniel will break this record again in the not-too-distance future.

Men's 5000m
1. Paul Thistle 14:29.05 (#5 GRC All-Time)
3. Stewart Reich 14:37.97
4. Kyle Wagener 14:47.09
5. Witty 15:09.71
6. Lars Benner 15:11.47
7. JLP 15:21.38
8. Mark Hopely 15:27.75
15. Luk Olenginski 15:58.01

Women's 5000m
1. Maura Linde 16:36.48 (#4 GRC All-Time)
4. Emily Koehle 18:07.50
6. Rebekah Hernandez 18:42.20

Men's 1500m
3. Daniel Trettel 3:52.64 (#1 GRC All-Time)
9. Craig Morgan 4:03.04

Women's 1500m
1. Alex Morris 4:46.45
4. Jackie Kasal 4:53.70
14. Alexa Squirini 5:01.70

Men's 800m
3. Daniel Trettel 1:57.97

On Sunday, TK4 took home the win at the Scope It Out 5k in 16:10. Former President Theodore Roosevelt supposedly had the lead with less 200m to go, but unfortunately DNF'ed after being tackled by a rogue Easter Bunny in the finishing straight. While these circumstances would put most Presidents in a sour mood, Teddy personally congratulated TK on a hard-fought victory after a short stint in the medical tent. He even posed with him for a post-race photo, free of charge.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekend Recap: RnR, no track

A sizable pack of our long distance junkies braved the Calvert Shoreham Drive Hill on Saturday morning at the Rock 'n' Roll DC Half Marathon. One would think that ideal weather conditions would offset any negativity brought about by the prospect of running The Hill, but as Charlie's pre-hill photos show, nobody looked very happy in the immediate moments before beginning the climb.

Hannah and Dickson were the stars of the morning, respectively, with Hannah logging an impressive 1:20:05 finish for her GRC debut and Dickson running 1:12:34 in preparation for next month's New Jersey Marathon.

6. Graham 1:11:05
12. Evan 1:12:23
13: Dickson 1:12:34
15. Sean 1:13:43
16. Tyler 1:13:48
21. Zak 1:14:27

9. Hannah 1:20:05
18. Maura C 1:23:06
20. Hallie 1:25:00
22. Natalie 1:25:34
34. LTO 1:28:38

Just outside of DC, Paul Thistle took the win at Pacers' Four Courts Four Miler, with Outlaw not too far behind.

1. Paul 20:09
2. Outlaw 21:12
6. Jordan 22:11

Lastly, our beloved Panhandle Crew™️ of Lucas and Ryan Speir put forth a pair of strong performances in a highly competitive field at the Gate River Run 15k in Jacksonville, FL. Unfortunately, Lucas is now 0-for-2 against Jared Ward in direct competition. Maybe next time, Lucas.

14. Lucas 46:22
22. Ryan S 48:03

Monday, March 5, 2018

Weekend Recap: St. Pat's 5k/10k

The roads crew was back in action at the St. Pat's 5k/10k on Sunday.

Photo c/o SwimBikeRunPhotography
2. Lars Benner - 15:49
4. Dave Wertz - 16:00
6. Tom Kelly - 16:06
22. Kyle Cooke - 17:33

5. Alexa Squirini - 19:39
10. Theresa Palmisano - 20:46

7. Jordan Psaltakis - 34:52

Eyewitness reports indicate that Lars was in contention for the win in the 5k until sub-4 minute miler Jack Bolas unleashed the type of kick one would expect from a sub-4 miler.

Maybe next time, Lars...