Saturday, March 20, 2010

FLASH: Saturday results

National Half Marathon
Dirk De Heer - 5th, 1:07.35
Andy Sovonick - 1:15.18

Dirk ran a really smart race, working off a lead pack that went out really fast. A couple guys that went with that pack -- some top local Ethiopians -- had to drop out. Andy looked really, really smooth -- showing a lot of potential for the longer stuff.


KLIM said...

Two more PRs. Awesome job.

I saw them go by around mile 3 (?) and Dirk was way off the lead he must have run smart and caught some guys.

Andy ran 5:35s near the end, he says.

RM said...

Dirk, that's real nasty man. 3 big time races in the last 3 weekends? Sweet.

I was at mile 10 and didn't expect you to be coming by, so I only got one pic of you, and it's from the back. I also got many, many great pics of other types of runners, from the back.

If you're not friends with me on FB you should all become friends with me so you can see the plethora of booty shots I've taken over the last couple of months.

ryan mcgrath

DM said...

Here, the winner of the half marathon, from Team Indiana Elite, says he had a teammate rabbit for 7 miles. That helps explain the hot early pace. He just missed the trials standard by a couple seconds.

P Murph said...

Congratulations guys! Solid racing by all... it's exciting to see everyone peaking just in time for Cherry Blossom!

Friend of GRC Dan Zeidman completed his first marathon (and second race of any distance over 5K) in 3:00:02 for 47th place.

Unknown said...

Nice job guys! I was at mile 6 and have a few pictures:

Matias said...

BIG congrats to the O'Haras as well, DaveO and Laura. Now there is one fast couple.