Monday, November 1, 2010


Yesterday, one of the Running Company's sponsored athletes, Waldon Adams, completed the Marine Corps Marathon. Waldon's story is truly fantastic. Waldon came to the store via the Walker-Whitman clinic, one year ago. Walker-Whitman is an AIDS clinic in DC.

Waldon is a resident if the District of Columbia and is HIV positive. His story is long and filled with lore.

To make a long story short, Waldon was battling AIDS and near death on a Hospital Bed some years ago. He was depressed. During his hospital stay, Waldon began to run around his hospital bed and room. He liked the feeling running gave him. Running gave him hope.

He left the hospital and picked up running full time. He has run a few marathons now and runs almost everyday. His disease has subsided enough to the point where he feels he can live a more stable and comfortable life. He serves as a role model for others at the Clinic who need strength and an inspiration to live.

I bring this story to bare simply because I have been to the clinic and met the folks who are now running behind Waldon's leadership.

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Charlie Ban said...

have any of the other patients at the clinic been able to start running as a result of his leadership?

Ted Hobart said...

Yes, Charlie, Waldon helped to start the Austin Center Run Club -- which fielded 6 new runners to our AIDS Walk event. Waldon is planning on expanding this program with Georgetown Running Company's help. Thanks Max for the great post! Ted Hobart