Monday, November 1, 2010

RunWash: Wiegner is 4th Ranked Runner in Area

GRC was pretty quiet on the summer racing scene (resting, building up) save for Joe who ran PRs in 5k, 8k (I think) and 10k.

Both Demesse Tefera and Gurmessa Megressa have run many races together and each has earned the title of Open champion. Their 2010 summer competition started in June when Megressa won the Run Through History 10K by a second in 31:52. On Independence Day they met again at the Reston Firecracker 5K. Tefera exploded to win in 14:26, while Megressa had an off-race, finishing in 15:12. A week later Megressa won the Caribbean Sounds 8K in 24:12. The following week Tefera lit it up at the Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K in 24:06 just eight seconds behind winner Abiyot Endale, while Megressa faded to fourth in 24:54. July ended with Tefera edging out Megressa at the Friends of the W&OD 10K, winning a photo finish as both shared a gun time of 31:51

By Labor Day weekend, it was clear Megressa needed some help to win the title. They both started Kentlands/Lakelands 5K-then Tefera dropped out early in the race. Megerssa was still running for dear life as Joe Wiegner hounded him the whole way only to come up short by a stride in 14:44. Tim Young only had two races, but the two overall wins had just enough juice to push Gurmessa and Wiegner to third and fourth. Young had his way at the Civitan 10K Memorial Weekend with 30:35. Then he posted a 24:41 at the FARC Heritage Festival 5 Mile.

1 Tefera, Demesse ** 28 Washington, DC
2 Young, Tim ** 23 Fredericksburg, VA
3 Megerssa, Gurmessa *6 30 Washington, DC
4 Wiegner, Joe * 28 Rockville, MD
5 Molz, Jon ** 23 Richmond, VA
6 Dumm, Andrew * 25 Washington, DC
7 Wertz, David * 34 Arlington, VA
8 Berdan, Dave ** 29Parkville, MD
9 Christian, Will * 27 Norfolk, VA
10 Pauling, Ryan * 33 Baltimore, MD
11 Stasiowski, Ryan * 21 Hanover, MD
12 Zeleke, Birhanu ** 27 Washington, DC
13 Viviani, Will 28 Arlington, VA
14 Flynn, Ricky 23 Lynchburg, VA
15 Outaleb, Mouhcine ** 34 Baltimore, MD
16 Wilkinson, Kalib * 26 Lynchburg, VA
17 Abuya, Jared 34 Fairfax, VA
18 Carroll, Ryan *11 27 Portsmouth, VA
19 Church, Aaron *** 34 South Riding, VA
20 Schaefer, Tim 32 Gaithersburg, MD
21 Dusen, Karl ** 27 North Bethesda, MD
22 Wardian, Michael ** 36 Arlington, VA
23 Aramayo, Ed * 24 Baltimore, MD
24 Angell, David ** 33 Blue Ridge, VA
25 Abernathy, Mat * 21 College Park, MD
26 Shirk, Kevin * 30 Winchester, VA
27 Dewitt, Dan *** 22 Frostburg, MD
28 Doan, Caleb * 20 Virginia Beach, VA
29 Renjifo, Carlos * 27 Columbia, MD
30 Mehmedovic, Izzy 25 Columbia, MD
31 Mercer, Dickson * 29 Washington, DC
32 Battaglino, Alexander 24 Baltimore, MD
33 Decker, Gregory 21 Rockville, MD
34 Ban, Charlie * 28 Falls Church, VA
35 Belasik, Wylie 26 Washington, DC
36 Ingram, Ben 33 Winchester, VA
37 Saunders, Richard 22 Alexandria, VA
38 Sloane, Christopher 27 Gaithersburg, MD
39 Brown, Karsten *36 Front Royal, VA


Andy said...


Joe may be ranked high here, but someone needs to tell him how to spell 'goblin'.

Joe Wiggy said...

Gobble Gobble is the sound the turkey makes.... I just figured you kept the two "b"s, take out the "e" and you add the "in"... Checkin Tander: I apoligize for offended you and your fictional character friends... Godzilla, Gobbling Goblins, Rambo and the like...

Andy said...

Rambo and I aren't friends.

Charlie Ban said...

tandoori chicken

Charlie Ban said...

Wiggy was trying to bridge the gap between the Goblin season Halloween and the turkey-related Thanksgiving season. turkeys, of course, express themselves by "gobblin'"