Tuesday, November 9, 2010


All, thank you for coming last night. Geb was dead set on coming to the Girls Gotta Run event prior to his knee flareup and subsequent retirement. Clearly the knee issue and retirement announcement put all previous plans in jeopardy

I am disappointed that he did not come but I cannot blame him. Imagine his emotional state after the race and announcement.? Most likely, the last thing he wanted to deal with the day after was a bunch of his greatest fans asking him questions.

Based on his post race interview, he feels bad for letting folks down.

He is still the CHAMP and who knows, he might come back and pay us a a visit.

The Chevy Chase store and the Girls Gotta Run Foundation are grateful for your support.

thanks again



Anonymous said...

was Geb ever coming?

Peter said...

Yes. Before the marathon injury, Geb's manager and wife had confirmed that he was coming, multiple times.

Jerry Greenlaw said...

everytime I see "anonymous" I think of that curb your enthusiasm episode where Ted tells everyone he is anonymous and defeats the purpose.