Monday, November 29, 2010

Coach Jerry

As most of you know, Coach Jerry Alexander has been coaching a number of guys on the team. The former head coach of UDC and a former assistant to AU Coach Matt Centrowitz, Jerry lives near B-CC and can be found at the track on Wednesday nights donning wind pants with duel stopwatches dangling from his neck. I personally haven't been doing workouts, but those who have say fantastic things about him and from what I observed, Jerry appears to have great ideas and a sound approach to all things training. I know that Joe, Sam, Ryan, The Outlaw, Karl and others have adopted him as a coach and I've spoken at length with Jerry and plan to hop into his sessions once I'm ready - likely in January. There was a lot of talk about a coach prior to our fall team meeting and Jerry seems like THE ideal fit because he doesn't want to change the current dynamic of the team. He is interested in coaching more of the team, but would prefer if you come to him if you are interested. GRCers who wish to remain self coached or keep their old coach can do that while still running with the team on Wednesday nights and with the team in general (of course!) -- the point of the coach is to help those who want to be coached, not to force those who don't. There is no fee.

If you're part of the GRC and interested in Jerry's services, please shoot him an e-mail -

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