Saturday, November 20, 2010

GRC outing tonight AT UNION JACKS + AM Run tomorrow

Tonight,  we have some interest in heading down to UNION JACKS in Bethesda.  Anyone interested and wants to do something earlier, I am having some people over to my place circa 7:30-8:00 tonight.  We were planning on taking the metro around 8:30 and meeting at UNION JACKS around 9:15ish... Do IT !

  Also, it has been confirmed that we will be meeting at 9am tomorrow morning at OLD ANGLERS INN.  (parking lot across the street from the inn).  See the "where we run" sidebar for directions.  Whispers in the wind say Some are looking to do an hour max where  others are going long (up to 18). 
      see ya tonight and tomorrow am,

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