Thursday, November 11, 2010


Jumping on the back of Jerry's enthusiasm I figure I might as well throw out that we are doing the Chevy Chase run this eve at 7ish from the store. The runs are lots of fun and we are getting a large crowd of mixed talent.

Last night I took some young man(name to be left anonymous):), on a roller coaster run. We started from the store and ran up Wisconsin to Mass Ave. From this point, I took him all the way down to DuPont Circle. From here, we took a sharp left and ran up Conn ave all the way to Military and then went left back to the store. It was about 10 miles of tough, hilly running. It was fun, though. We ran hard. Reminded me of when I first came to DC and ran up and down Conn Ave everyday like it was my street. When you feel it, it feels good.

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P Murph said...

You ran with anonymous!? Who is he/she?