Sunday, January 31, 2010


I posted this somewhere else. here is a cut and paste. though not as fast as Dusen, I felt good and am gearing up

FYI--when you all get to be 40 years young, you too will appreciate running a 60 minute-ish ten-miler.....

This morning I woke up to the cold. My plan was to wake up at 6am, eat breakfast, drink coffee and then drive to Kensington to run the DC Road Runners Al Lewis 10miler, I have run this race many times over the years. Some years I am slow, some I am fast and sometimes in the middle. Today, post breakast and coffee, I ventured over to pick up my friend Colin Fishwick, a local star runner who still shines with youthful running ambition.

As we drove to the race, we talked about various topics including who is the best runner of all time. For some reason, my favorite comes out to be Bill Rodgers. Perhaps its because I am from Boston and used to watch him running races in weird wool hats and beat up old shoes. He would always win.

None the less, we got to the race in ample time to complain about the cold, do a warm up and say hello to the regular local champion runners. In attendance was Lou Shapiro, James(knows all) Moreland, Scarborough, Betty Blank, Karl(the winner) Dusen and more. As we toed the line, I knew I would not run a fast race as my legs are tired from some 75 mile weeks. None the less, I was there to throw down and get the heart rate going. For those that do not know, DC Road Runners is now using chip timing for $5 road races. Look out Capital Running Co.

For this race, I skipped the chip and decided to Bandit it(sorry). I was reprimanded by my old colleagues at the club but was given one grace bandit run for old times sake. Once the word go was shouted, I along with the rest were off. What fun. I went out too fast and hit the first mile in 5:50. Not in that shape yet for 10 miles. By mile three, my legs were taxed though my heart and lungs were OK. So, with this said, I decided to use my wisdom and simply slow way down and wait for the pack to catch me. Soon enough I was running with some young stallions. They were huffing and puffing and looking at their Garmins every two minutes. We ran in unison and gave each other support needed to run a smart and controlled run.

As we approached the mid-point, the snow began to come down with some level of authority. I felt like a kid bounding around in the snow with my friends. We ran as a group until mile 8ish or so. At this juncture, i found myself pulling away. Not because I was going faster but because they were slowing down. I beckoned for them to keep up as we would run this to the finish together. Alas, their legs and lungs began to fail them. When I sensed they would not come with me, I continued along and meandered on the zig zaggy-like path along Rock Creek.

As I approached the finish line, I marveled at the snow covered beautiful woods surrounding me. I crossed the finish and was thoroughly happy to have hit my goal time of 103.00.

I have the base and now need the track work to get the legs moving faster.

What lies in store is a mystery.

Have fun in the snow



Anonymous said...

How about you stop being such a cheap bastard and pay the $5 entree fee? No one likes a mooch.

Charlie Ban said...

I agree. I'll go on the record with my grievance, even though I'm the new guy.

If you wore a team jersey and didn't pay, or identified yourself as associated with the team to people who saw you running but not in the results, it reflects poorly on all of us.

If you don't want your time recorded on account of vanity, use a creative pseudonym, because I know I have and will in the future for chuckles. Not recording your presence at all in the results short changes the race. I've organized and promoted races where each participant means a higher profile for potential sponsors in the future. Obviously that is less of a issue for a club race, but to race organizers who put the time into the event, it's rewarding to see the actual 108 entrants, rather than the 107 officially recorded, when 108 people ran in the race.

It was $5. Come on... You're asking people to make the same contribution to the Haiti race.

Don't wax about runners looking up to us and then pull something like that on behalf of all of us.

Charlie Ban-dit hater

KLIM said...

Charlie might be the "new guy" but he makes a fantastic point.

Andy said...

Another new guy -- I agree with Charlie, and I personally think that people should be honest on race day... be honest with yourself and the others running their workout or race. Pay your race fee. Put your real name down. Let it be known you're a supporter of the race directors, volunteers and the sport.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you want to bandit then you should just train and not run races in this economy every cent counts. Personally I do not and will not enter a race I'm not prepared for. Come on Max your such a mooch. I also think personally that only those that have the qualifying should be allowed to run for free as they are making a name for the race by running fast times causing people to enter the race. As a marketing major I think its a fantastic idea to allow 5-10 front runners in for free. Every now and then you will get some one who will donate back thanking the race for letting them run.