Thursday, May 8, 2008

Running Film Festival

I've told some of you in private, but I am now making it public...

I (along with my friend/former teammate) am organizing the first annual RUNNING FILM FESTIVAL. The festival will last the course of 3 days during the USATF Olympic Track & Field Trials in Eugene, OR during the July 4th weekend.

We have a spectacular line up of films and guest speakers we intend to announce over the course of the next two months.

Please bookmark our website and sign up on the FaceBook/MySpace page. Check back occasionally as the site will be updated with lots of new news in the coming weeks.

You're the FIRST to see this website. A press release should be sent out early next week to the running news wire. Please do NOT post the url on any running forums (eg - LetsRun). We'll be doing this the "official" way next week.

Take a look -


DaveO said...

Wow you are a talented man my friend. Congrats and when it's really time to spread the word you know we will.

MAX said...

go back to film school and pursue a new career in film-making

Peter said...

That's awesome Jake. If GDS sends me to Eugene for the USATF Super clinic, I 'll try to extend my stay so I can see the films.

I was thinking about submitting a documentary I made in college about my coach who was an Olympic Long Jumper. Would a film centering on a Field event be within the scope of the festival?

JARRIN said...

Good job Klim...someday I'll be able to say, "I knew him when..."

KLIM said...

Peter - cool. Send an email to the "sumbit@..." e-mail address on the site. We'll see if/where it can fit. Include the TRT, format etc