Tuesday, May 20, 2008



I have recently been in a debate with fellow runners over the benefits of SPEED WORK. Some out there believe that hard work and hard runs followed by more of the same will translate into serious success. I am living proof that this is not to be.

I can and have run hard and lots ofmiles and have and make no real gain. The only time I really made some progress with my running is when I was young and ambitious enough to follow Big Wilson and others out on the fabled C&O canal speed workouts. I went from running 36-38 10ks to 33 minutes for the 10K and a 2:33 marathon in one year. This is after years of doing non-systematic random running.

Since I have fallen from grace and have not focused on a more regimented training schedule, which includes quality speed work, my running has suffered. I make no excuses as other things in life sometimes take precedence over running times.

However, I am curious what others think about the benefits of quality and well planned speed work.


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KLIM said...

Speed work is obviously one of the many "ingredients" neccessary to excel on the roads.

However, you can PR without speed work...I've done it. You just need to have a strong base and race a lot. The races basically act as your speed work.

I am actually trying to increase the amount of speed work I do. Like I mentioned, I used to not do any. Dwyer would drag me out of my apt in the winter to do workouts...they were definitely the "missing link" I needed, though I hated doing it.

Matias said...

You are what you say you are...

If you think of yourself as slow, you'll run slow

If you think of yourself as old, you'll run like an old man

I'm sick of the whining, sick of the "I used to run this and that," sick of the negativity.

"I am living proof that this is not to be." - Negative

"I can and have run hard and lots of miles and have and make no real gain." - Negative

"Since I have fallen from grace and have not focused..." - Negative

"...my running has suffered" - Negative

If you believe in yourself, and are willing to work towards a goal great things can happen. But you must remain positive, and pick realistic/measureable goals.

Agree that speedwork is a key ingredient to finetuning your engine, as long as the base/foundation is developed first.

Peter said...

This guy had some serious speed.


I just heard about this video on the Runnerville podcast and wanted to share it with you all to lighten the mood on this particular discussion.

MAX said...

Matias, when you are 38 you will be 38. If you watch any pro sports, nobody(unless they are maybe doing something illegal)or playing golf or scuba diving, etc. is the same, athletically, as they were when they were 28-32. Its not feasible. The body changes, etc. I sometimes whine because I have vivid memories of playing sports for hrs on end without a twinge or muscle ache. This lasted until I was 36. The last two years have been a big pain(literally).

This "postive" thinking stuff only goes so far. Sometimes one must accept reality. Nothing wrong or good about this, just part of life.

As for aging, etc, this is not negative but a mere fact. I love the fact that I am older because it allows you/me to be free from the pressure of trying to prove something, etc.

As for as athletics, do it now in your 20s and early 30s becuase thats the time.

Also, some of what i am throwing out there is just smack and such.

A little gibberish goes a long way towards keeping the discussion light and lively.

peace out