Monday, January 22, 2007

Edwards Ferry - Whites Ferry loop

I often like to mix a bit of exploration with my Sunday long run...yesterday was just one of those days. I ran a great 10 mile loop along the C&O Canal from Edwards Ferry to Whites Ferry (Poolesville, Md) and back along River Road (a desolate dirt road that somewhat parallels the tow path). As soon as I started my run, the snow started to fall. It was quite beautiful being out on the middle of nowhere as the snow fell around me. I didn't see a soul until I reached Whites Ferry; the only ferry that crosses the Potomac. When I reached Whites, I turned on to River Road (the same River Road that ends in Tenleytown) and ran back. I only saw one car on my way back to my car. The loop is 10 miles almost to the hundredth and I plan to come back and do a twenty miler sometime after April. I added 3 more miles before calling it quits and driving home in the snow.

Overall, it was another good week of training for a total of 65 miles:
Monday - 5 easy (tired/soar)
Tuesday - 1600/1600/800/800/1600/800/800 with 400m rest. 1600s were 4:58-5:01 and the 800s were 2:23-2:27.
Wednesday - 7 miles easy in am
Thursday - 9 in the Cabin John trails in am
Friday - 10 miles in am
Saturday - 12 miles with Georgetown folks
Sunday - 13 (not as long as I would have liked)


Steve said...

Where exactly is this loop. It looks quite intriguing from the picture. More details please.

Klim said...

It's mile 30-35 on the C&O Canal. It's a bit of a hike (30 mins) for me in Maryland but well worth it if you plan on going long.

Basically you would follow River Rd north/west in Maryland twds Poolesville. See below for better directions...then Mapquest it.

Access Points from Poolesvile, MD:

30.8: Edwards Ferry - take Whites Ferry Road (Route 107) west for about 1 mile. Turn left on Edwards Ferry Road. Follow to end (about 4.5 miles).

35.5: Whites Ferry - take Whites Ferry Road west (Route 107) for about 6 miles.

Scott Munro said...

That training looks solid. I could tell during Saturday's run that you are real strong right now. You were rolling up those hills. Hopefully in a few months I'll have enough miles under my belt to hang in those track workouts.

Ben said...

Great post I will check this out