Wednesday, December 17, 2008


First and foremost I have always been a firm proponent of DOING THE RIGHT THING and secondly, that chickens will come home to roost or what comes around goes around, etc.

As I did a 97 minute run on the treadmill today I watched ESPN shows that seemed intent on making Terrel Owens seem like the second coming of Hitler and then switched to Wolf Blitzer talking to people about the Armageddon surrounding our economic state.

I have always admired Owens for his football prowess and brilliant athletic ability. Yes, he acts selfish, yes, he has personality flaws and you know what, we all do. So what. He sells tickets and makes owners wealthy and gives the fans something to talk about. He does not beat people up, shoot himself and or others and is a pretty gutsy ball player to boot. Plus, his antics make me laugh.

As for Wolf Blitzer and the onslaught of negativity surrounding our economic state, it is what it is due to greed and poor management and oversight of our financial institutions. Many people saw this coming years ago. Many top level economists predicted such a state would slam us. Either nobody listened or they were too busy buying things they could not afford, playing on MY SPACE and or, lending institutions ignored common lending practices in order to get a quick buck. Its probably a combination of all of the aforementioned and more. Bottom line is this is happening for a legitimate reason and we will have to handle it as mature and responsible citizens and this means handling it head on.

You can absorbe all of this and more during a 90 minute treadmill session so yes, life is indeed interesting.

A day in the life of a runner

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