Monday, December 8, 2008


duked it out in San Fran this past Sat. at the North Face 50 mile ultra championship race. When I first met these guys they were busting it up and down the streets of DC winning 5 and 10ks. Now they are making names for themselves on the National stage at the ultra distance.

Wardian is our generation's FOREST GUMP and Rolly is just plain methodical in his approach to running.

Wardian placed 9 and Rolly 12.

Congrats to both and rest well


Muz said...

Hah thats weird, I was there too and when they were posting the results on site Wardian was 7th. Anyways I might have been hallucinating. I ran the 50K and these are the things I learned
1)Dont walk around for 15-20 miles a day before the race even if it is as beautiful as San Fran.
2)Know the difference between carb loading and gluttony
3)Just because you think you have recharged your Garmin it is actually recharged
4)Dont drop a bag at an aid location because you have to wait 6hrs for its return (especially if you are not going to use it)
5)Know the course especially if there will be features that you have never done (steps)
6)Do some googling to find the shop that carries your favourite gel otherwise you might end up with cramps
I ended up with 10th place in the 50K, it was painful though.

MAX said...

Only Mike Wardian can walk and or run 20 miles the day before a 50k race and have a good race the next day. If he came in 7th all the more power to him and you, too. Who are you anyway?

Muz said...

Oh my fault for not writing down the name I normally use. I am Muz, I come out to the Wednesday runs a lot(although I am not sure I can do this coming one) I trained with Sam for the Marine Corps?

MAX said...

oh yeah. good deal. take a break from running so you do not get injured. since you have run two long runs so close to one another in distance, you will lose nothing by taking two weeks off. I used to run lots of races without a break and am paying for it now. FYI---remember to invite yourself and Sam to our Party this Friday in Chevy Chase.