Sunday, December 14, 2008

Greetings from Hong Kong!

Hello everyone!
I'm visiting this amazing city for the first time to celebrate the wedding
of my college roommate Edwin, whom some of you met last summer at a party I organized when he was visiting the US. It's been a BLAST to take part of the wedding (my first chinese wedding) and I haven't
been able to run much, but I thought I'd share some of the views of the few
times I did get out to run around here.

I'm staying in the district of Sai Kung, which is located in the New Territories region of Hong Kong, north east from Hong Kong island (click for map). This is a great area to run and it is a great contrast to downtown Hong Kong with its skyscrapers (see above pic) and streets bustling with activity at all times of the day (think Times Square in NYC). Sai Kung is very green and the coast can be easily accessed, thus making it very scenic and pleasant to run in, so long you don't mind the hills :) For instance, on my way to Kowloon, I found a hill which I estimate is about 2 miles long (see link to pictures below)!

The weather around this time of the year is fairly nice by the DC area standards in December (50s-70s F) and I found myself running in shorts and t-shirt :), but the air feels a bit polluted at times, specially as one approaches the city. I've posted a few pictures here, I hope you enjoy them, cheers!

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JARRIN said...

You go CC! No wonder you were noticeably absent from the GRC Holiday Fiesta on Friday.

While in Hong Kong, definitely do the afternoon tea service at the Peninsula Hotel (in Kowloon). It's a regal affair and one that you can't miss. Enjoy!!