Saturday, December 13, 2008


I happened upon the LetsRun website and noticed Michelle Sykes is mentioned. For those that do not know her, we were lucky to have Michelle visit us here last year. Michelle is certainly the most famous runner I have run with. She was the NCAA champion a few years back for the 5k and is a Rhodes Scholar.

I was fortunate enough to have been a training partner with her for a bit and got to know the low down on elite running(not really).

She is sponsored by Nike and talent-wise, is the real deal.

As per my custom, I encouraged her to pursue the Rhodes Scholarship route in terms of attainment of a long term career.

I am sure she has a bright future and will do the world a lot of good once she focuses on what she wants to do.

On a somewhat funny note, she had JARRIN pegged after spending less than 1 hr. with him. Either she is really smart or Jarrin reveals too much. Jarrin, above all else, she truly adores you.

Quote of the eve

"You can choose to do great things for the world or you can choose not to, which will it be"?


Peter said...

I also happened upon the LetsRun website and noticed Michelle Sikes is mentioned, but did not see a Michelle Sykes. Maybe I am one of those that do not know her.

JARRIN said...

Maxy...stop confusing me for yourself. :]