Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I do not pretend to understand the mindset of NFL wide receivers or any pro football player, for that matter. So perhaps, this is a useless post. Who knows.

As it is..........

Last night I watched all kinds of sports analysis of the Plaxico Burress mess. Here is a guy making millions of dollars and sitting on the bench and still, manages to constantly get in trouble. As most of you know, he accidentally shot himself at a night club over the weekend. Not only does he ruin his leg from the gunshot wound, but he is facing jail time for carrying a gun without a license and other charges.

Bottom line: The guy was not using much intelligence. The question I ask, is why? Its not just him, its lots of football players. For some reason, its not enough that they get paid a lot to hurt themselves and others, but they still need to go out into the world and screw around. I do not understand this.

I have not observed this sort of behavior among runners.

I guess the closest we have to such behavior here in the running community, is Jake Klim, Towpath, Jarrin and others going off into the mountains in the dead of winter pretending to be rambo.

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Dane said...

We can't afford guns or nightclubs.