Friday, September 21, 2018

Weekend Preview: Pacers Racers Edition

Our munificent corporate overlords and all-around good guys Pacers are hosting one of the jewels of the local running calendar this weekend, the Clarendon 5k & 10k. The weather is starting to round into shape just as our roadsters do the same. Relative to the question of quantity and also of quality, GRC is bringing the metaphorical lumber this weekend. Here are some reasons why Clarendon Day is great:

1) Saturday race

2) The double!
3) Day drinking
4) Heading eastbound on Wilson

The forecast calls for torrential PRs this weekend on the perennially quick course. On the men's side, there are whispers, nasty little blasphemies about attacking the club record (14:35). Even if many of the men have the talent, fitness, and youth to undertake such an endeavor, one doubts if they have the dashing good looks affiliated with the current record. We'll also have some GRC debuts this weekend, including Liz R, Max P, Alex A, and probably some other ones I'm missing:

5k - Kyle Wagener, Sam Chauvin, Daniel Trettel, Lars Benner, Alex Archer, Jerry Greenlaw,  Max Pedrotti, Cabell Willis, Lukasz Olenginski, Mitchell Abrams, Jordan Psaltakis, Trever Reed, Paul Thistle

10k - Luke Meyer

Double - Matt Hassett, Samuel Doud, Evan Jurkovich, Sean O'Leary

For the women:

5k - Jesse Carlin, Jackie Kasal, Rebekah Hernandez, Liz Reynolds, Angelina Oputa, Annyck Besso, Gina McNamara, Theresa Kennedy, Liz Tawa

10k - Natalie Patterson

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