Saturday, May 12, 2007


To those who slept in and dreamed about attaining their goals and staying true to methods to achieve greatness, you missed a grueling run this sat at the Battle of the Boulavard 10K. I certainly should not have run it as my legs felt like logs from time i woke up. Too much biking this week left them heavy, I suppose.

Got up at 5am and did some easy rope jumping and stretching to get loose. Listened to vintage James Brown and worked up a sweat. My buddy Paul Rades picked me up at 7:30am and we headed to Arlington.

Got there in plenty of time. Nice place, Clarendon, as I have never bothered to really check it out.

Upon walking around, I saw Mike Wardian with his stroller and wife, too boot. Saw Ted Poulos and loads of other regulars(this is why i like to go to races---I like the people and have known them for years). Anyway, I saw Big Bert R. and George Buckheit, etc.

Also, I picked up three new solid runners, Pavel Frelich, Martin Lanz and Paul Rades.

As for the race------------

We hit the starting line and boom, we were off. Crane and Wardian darted to the lead. The first two miles were all downhill. I mean, really steep. My hammies were hurtin! At the 2.5 mile mark it was pretty flat but my legs had no turnover at all. They felt/feel ok but not running-wise. I kinda just ran in slow motion the rest of the way. Talked with Erik Kean about Wyoming and some other guy about his side stitch. The last two miles were deadly. Steep up hill with very little relief. I felt like just stopping and running under a hose of cool water or jumping into a swimming pool.

I sloshed my way to finish line in 36 minutes. oh well. Paul did great and came in 4th and Martin and Allen did 6 and 7th, respectively.

Good training run----

The after party was great. Good food and free massages. I got two. I also worked with a chiropracter who told me my spine and hip are totally all out of wack and thats why the hamstring/glute/butt, issue is there.

From every experience there is something to be learned(great quote)

FYI--Saw Munro. He ran it with Meagan. They are both rounding into shape.


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Havegoats said...

Nice job max. my legs would be dead too after 5 am jump rope!