Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Have a Heart?

I'm certainly not a lawyer, but I figured I'd test my post-marathon legs in the June 9, Lawyers Have A Heart 10k. Anyone else interested? It's in Georgetown, so we'd be defending our turf.

Oh, and no pressure for those of you who are on training schedules. As someone who maps out my marathon training on an Excel spreadsheet (yes... I am a nerd), I completely understand.



MAX said...

i will be in Wyoming for a few weeks prior to the race. If I am around, i will run it.

Melissa said...

I do that too, Laura! During my statistics lectures this semester I procrastinated by analyzing my running spreadsheets instead of following along with the powerpoints. It turns out that there is a significant difference between my mileage leading up to this year's marathon and my mileage leading up to the marathon I did last year. Hopefully this translates into a faster time...
I will definitely come out to support you guys at the race.