Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Paintball Reminder

Christiam, Jason and I are hitting up Paintball on Saturday...if anyone is interested? If you do go, please let me know.

Saturday, 0830 - Bowie, Md


Havegoats said...


hot- middle eastern like conditions.

after a rather slow start and a few unfortunate hopper spills, and after a field re-location b/c of a snapping turtle laying eggs in the field... team alpha force georgetown represented under the leadership of general Will and Lt. Klim.

I would love to hit up another expedition in July. I know of a nice camp ground near Frederick with nice mt. trails and a pretty cool paintball course.

over and out- cadet dwyer.

KLIM said...

Ahem...that's Col Klim, B Company North Bethesda Paintball Militia.

Some highlights:

PFC Dwyer was the last man standing in one of our last rounds of speedball. He shot a real life Marine as the Marine charged at his position. The Marines buddy got right in Dwyer's face and started screaming at him for "shooting" his buddy so close. Jason: "if I see someone coming at me, I'm gonna shoot him". The Marines realized they were wrong.

Snappy the Snapping Turtle WAS laying eggs at one of the goal posts.

Christiam grabbed the flag twice in "capture the flag" and made good headway before being cut to pieces by fire from the opposing team...twice.