Monday, May 21, 2007

Lawyers do have hearts/Grandmas and other Babble


you both need to get your PA butts in the game. we are getting smoked by PACERS left and right. Now, I know folks are injured or do not want to race much, etc. but its a good time to come out and join the fray.

You folks doing Grandmas cannot hurt yourselves running a 10k before. Its a speed workout before the marathon. cannot hurt.

Anyway, the LHH 10k is a good one. Anyone who can, let me know and we can get an entry.

BTW----Did anyone see the results of the Happy Kidney 10k? That guy Ritz got the course record in 28:08, which is damn fast for Central Park.

Chris Raabe and Wilson Komen from the G-town store are running Grandmas. Thats G-town and a slew of Pacers runners there.

Take care and remember to consider Birkham Yoga. It improves flexibility, core strength and there is a 10 to 1 female to male ratio.



Scott said...

Ok ok I'll do it I'll do it.

Joe Wiggy said...

I will not be around that weekend... 2 weeks before I become a married man... I am running a race back in philadelphia this sunday and then after I get back from San Diego, i will probably hit a race up in the area... start researching around the 4th of july... I will be game...
Also, why are we so concerned about a team called the "pacers"???
We don't pace... We Race!

Matt Ernst said...


Can you get a slow person like me an entry?


DaveO said...

I'm in, can you get me an entry? I will be slow as all get out but just happy to race again. Dave