Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I need to get my buddy Moeser on the blog and we can have some fun.

For the time being though, I or we, need some men and women to participate in the BATTLE OF THE BOULEVARDS 10k the week after this. Its sponsored by Pacers and they are putting together a squad to do battle with us.

This is for pride and bragging rights (officially)

Spoke with Klim and he is undecided. Not sure about Dwyer or Mighty Matias and the rest.

Wiggy is doing some track event that weekend so he is out.

So far I have myself, Philippe Rolly, Ben Cooke and maybe this fella Allen who works at the store. Women are more than welcome to join the fray. I have not heard about awards but I am sure there will be one.

I know folks have marathons and such coming up but perhaps you can save yourselves and use this as an end of week workout. Look at Wardian, if he can run 3 races a day, you folks can run a 10k every week:(

Its official, btw, Wardian is going for the world record for running a marathon with a little baby. He is doing it this weekend in Frederick, MD. Good luck to iron Mike.

think it over and please let us know.



Havegoats said...

I am game in theory, but it is our school's championship and I have to see what time it starts/ I need to be there. My initial reaction is that it will conflict.

Matias said...


MAX said...

Dave O what happened to you? are your legs still jello

MAX said...

Dave O what happened to you? are your legs still jello

Scott Munro said...

I didn't even know Mike was pregnant. Should I send a card?

Timm said...

Max, can I still get it on this?