Sunday, May 6, 2007


Went out to race the Sallie Mae 10k this am. Totally beautiful day. woke up and ate french toast lathered in butter and syrup. Listened to Red Hot Chilly Peppers and took off jogging towards West Potomac Park.(4 mile warm up) We had a team of Pavel Frelich, Jim Hage, Philippe Rolly and myself. Only problem is Hage had to pull out and the registration folks did not connect with the race managers today to get sub, super Allen Carr, in the thing. Oh well.

There were a number of top flight Kenyans and Ethiopians as well as top local talent.

the Gun sounded and we made our way to Haines point. I was hoping to run 540s as my confidence is still not where it needs to be to really push it. the hammy and butt and whatever it is, is still tight. None-the-less, I ran it as a tempo and did fine.

I spent the whole time running alone and into the wind so this was not to be a fast race. I finished in 35 and some change but felt good.

the Mighty Gurmessa battled it out with some Kenyan runners from Chapel Hill and he came in number 2.

After the race, we ate organic apples and had the usual post race chatter and such.

I am getting stronger and feel like the juice is coming back into the legs. most important, the confidence that was taken away, is seeping into the brain. Confidence and phychy are way more important than sheer talent and ability.

hope others ran/trained/raced well

enjoy the great weather----------------M


Havegoats said...

nice job max. glad the wheels are still churning.

Pretty nice performances by gramsky and barresi.

Timm said...

good to hear are signing up for the boulavardes race? Let me know.

KLIM said...

Sounds good.

My only question - what is NOT an organic apple?

Wiggy said...

Nice work... Im glad the confidence is coming back!

Scott Munro said...


An organic peach is not an organic apple. A telephone pole is also not an organic apple. There are many things that are not organic apples.


MAX said...

scott do you want to race the battle of the boulavards this sat?

Scott Munro said...

heck no