Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Upcoming Weekend Runs

This is my rough upcoming w/e running schedule if any of you are interested in running part of any of these runs. Each run listed below is my "main" run of the weekend...probably on a Sunday. On Saturday I am also game for the standard 10-12.

May 27 - 20-22 miler (probably at Riley's Lock)

June 1 or 2 - good hard tempo (with racing flats I intend to wear in marathon) on the canal ~ maybe 5:55 pace for 10 and then 3-5 hard, like 5:40 pace.

June 8 or 9 - 6 miles on the track at marathon pace but practicing water cup drinking every two laps. I may try this the previous weekend I lack practice here.

June 16 - (gulp) it's showtime

June 17 - Emergency Room


Havegoats said...

Heard from Bailey and we may aim to do a mid week/thursday tempo run along the canal... ease in, then steadily drop to low 5:40s/ high 5:30s for 9 miles or so- with an easing out.

I'm going to be real tied up these next few weekends... only around memorial weekend (parents, chrissie's 5 year reunion, and a wedding)

Scott Munro said...

Jake is that this Saturday (ie tomorrow) that you are game for a 10-12? If so, I am in.

Havegoats said...

Not to speak for jake, but I think he's off camping this weekend in NC with some old teammates. I write this only in case he's already left and can't respond to you.

Scott Munro said...

I see how it is. So if I have a question for Jake, I should just ask you? Is that how this works?

KLIM said...

That's exactly how it is!

My assistant, Mr. Dwyer, is right. I am on to the great unknown in a few hours.

Havegoats said...

assistant/stalker... there's a fine line between terms.

MAX said...

I saw that that Steve Crane guy, who is also running grandmas, got the course record at Germantown today. Klim, your boy Berdan was up there, too.

Matias said...
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Matias said...

I'm down for the tempo work on June 1st or 2nd... for the first ten. Once the hammer is dropped, don't know if I'll be able to hang.

We're you thinking point to point? Like the fifteen miler we did a while back with Max and Money?