Monday, March 24, 2008

Boston Numbers...are OUT!

Jason just sent me an e-mail notifying I'm notifying YOU:

BAIN - 1147
REAVES - 1275
KLIM - 1279
MURPHY - 1483
DWYER - 2138
JARRIN - 2481
ERNST - 4660

As a BM virgin (awaiting jokes), do any of you "studs" (sticking with analogy) have an idea as to where to meet pre-race...before we enter corrals. And what time? Bain, Murphy, Reaves and me will be in the same corral...Jason you will need to run 4:30, catch us and then begin a 25.2 miiles race...or we can simply do what you said in your e-mail.


JARRIN said...

Depending on where you come from, there are buses that meet in Copley Plaza in downtown Boston. They depart from there and drive 30 miles to Hopkinton and drop everyone off behind a high school about a mile from the start (there are port-a-johns there and not much else). People usually assemble there. If you guys are busing in (I will be since I'm staying in Copley), we can either meet where the buses depart in downtown or at the high school. Not so easy to drive to the start since they close off most roads 3-4 miles from the start.

KLIM said...

I meant meeting at the starting line in Hopkinton. A landmark of sorts, like an old oak tree just yonder...walk 10 paces past that and turn at the large giant stone, no?

JARRIN said...

My dear virgin Klim...there's a stage at the front of the starting line. But it's usually a zoo there. You could also pick a predetermined corner within your corral ("southeast"). I think the high school would be the best bet for everyone to meet and walk over. If others have a better landmark, like somewhere in the town square behind the stage, I'm game.

bain said...

Interestingly enough, the imagery on google maps was taken when Athletes' Village was set up for the marathon; not the day of the marathon, though. One possible place to meet is at the stage here (at the A): . I've also marked up the sat. image with some notes so you can get oriented: