Friday, March 14, 2008


The Holly Grail. Monty Python might be a bit passe for some of you but I came of age on that stuff.

Anyway, seems like many this weekend are like knights on a quest. There is O Hara and Askey heading to Ashburn to battle it out in some industrial park at the Van Metre Five miler.

Klim and Bain heading to B-more to run and drink.


then there is fearless Nate Timm running the Shamrock Half in Virginia Beach.

Others going for Glory?

If someone actually wins a race they get a prize of some sort.

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Matias said...

Chased Brian Baillie around the hills of Chambersburg, PA on Saturday who ended up running just under 1:12. Tough race, probably one of the toughest courses out there.

The hills were a humbling experience, 1:17:16. Back to the drawing board.