Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Weekend Runs

Per the 5k race on Sunday, I am forced to run long on Saturday. I was planning to hit up Riley's Lock for an easy 15-18. Maybe 9:30am. 75% of the run is on natural terrain; the towpath and dirt roads. Those of you who want to venture away from Metropolis can meet me there for 10-20 (I have suggestions on how to go longer/shorter).

There ALSO may be a run from the store on Saturday? For those who want to stay closer to home.

On Sunday I head to Charm City and go for the "W". Post-race I'll run a solid cooldown then drown myself in sweet sweet Guinness.


smoney said...

I can join you Saturday. Can I ride with you if I Metro out to your place around 9?

KLIM said...

Yes...of course.

What is you cell...again?

I am at 5083644980

smoney said...


P Murph said...

I'll join for the long run Sat.

bain said...

I am in for Sat long too. Jake, I can pick you and Steve up at your place if you want.

KLIM said...

UPDATE - Reaves wants to run at "The Line" in an effort to get in some hills. Would people prefer here to Rileys?

Reaves - at Rileys, we could run the standard 15 (fairly flat) then come out on the road and run the Violettes Lock hills...then you could keep going to make it 20 (so hills in the last 1/4 of your run).

Also - I will be taking it easy.

Let me know your thoughts.

PR said...

I think Riley's Lock should be fine since we're running around the Line next weekend. For anyone who wants to get a little frisky, I'm still treating the run as a progression run. The goal is to gradually pick it up in the second half so that the last third is at MP.

As an alternative proposal, I'd also be game to drive on past Riley's Lock and go to Edward's Ferry. Granted, there aren't as many hills, but it's the perfect place for a 20-mile progression run.

9:30 sounds good (10:00 sounds even better!).

KLIM said...

Okay...9:45am start! Riley's Lock.

Chris - sure you can pick me and $teve up.

Next Saturday Patrick and I (others?) are running the ballyhooed RCP - CCT run (21 miles).

The weekend after (3/29 and 3/30) I would be interested in the "Two Ferries Twenty" loop. Starting at Edwards Ferry.

The following w/e is CHERRY. We're running out of weekends!