Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Do any of you think that a local/citizen runner- road racer would ever embark on such a journey in order to win, say, the V-Day 10K?

I can't fathom it but sometimes I hear things that make me wonder.

What all say the masses?


KLIM said...


The only people who might are those who run 3 races a weekend for the cash...but I don't see any evidence/reason for someone to do that.

Drugs are a way to make money. No sane person would take them to simply run faster. I would argue that taking drugs in synonymous with stealing and those who are caught should be prosecuted as if they were a common thief.

PR said...

EPO is absurdly expensive. It's hard for regular joes like us to afford it.

Which is why I stick with old-school blood doping, of course.

BTW, thx Jake for helping me withdraw post-workout last night. Those red blood cells are going to handy down the road, and I'm always too squeamish with the needles to do it on my own.

Billy said...

Alright Roger...

JARRIN said...

I think you would be surprised at the number of weekend athletes who stupidly dope for the sake of winning and impressing their friends. I know this is not cycling nor Miami, but when I lived and raced in Miami there were too many rumors about local joe's that were on some juice or another. I don't see why DC would be immune.