Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Workout tomorrow

This is the second thread, I just wanted to bring it back up to the top. Since many of us are doing a longer MP run over the weekend... we are altering tomorrows workout at 6:30 to:

2x mile sub MP
4 miles MP
2x mile sub MP

We can decide whether or not we want to go cap cresc or track. Patrick expressed interest on the track with the intent of setting up a water station.

Also, we may grab some dinner/snacks afterwards in bethesda. Klim mentioned something about his frequent buyers club card at Rock Bottom. I will be abstaining until monday evening/night of boston and then I will be a beer slut for a month or so.


PR said...

Let me know ahead of time, and I can pick up some cups tomorrow if we opt for the track.

I'm otherwise cool with running it on the CCT, but I thought the track might be better since it will most likely be dark by the time we're done.

KLIM said...

I'll be there. What are these paces?

My definition for "sub marathon" would be 5:40-45 pace (or just faster than I'm hoping to run at Boston).

I'd like to keep the marathon pace btwn 5:50-55...does that work?

P Murph said...

I'll be there. I like Klim's paces.

havegoats said...

cool, so lets do the 2 miles at the pace we did last time at the start: 10:50. Marathon pace will be 5:50 give or take.

Matias said...

I plan to show up and help out. I've never run an 8 mile uptempo run on a track so interested to see how that goes, Cap Crescent would also be nice.

See you at 6:30 at the track.

KLIM said...

I would vote for the CCT too. Maybe we could start on the CCT and finish the last rep or two on the track.

KLIM said...

A solid workout down the CCT last night. Here is a wrap up:

Mile w/u
2 miles - 10:22 (5:17, 5:05)
1/2 mile rest
4 miles @ marathon pace - 23:20
1/2 mile rest
2 miles - 10:30 (5:15, 5:15)
5 mile c/d
beer/food combo at Rock Bottom
15 Miles Total