Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Foot injury clinic tomorrow night

The NRH Regional Rehab Health Running Lecture Series
Presented in partnership with:
Georgetown Running Company
The Sports Club/LA
Medstar Sports Health

Everyone from the avid to novice runner is faced with a myriad of training related injuries which can be prevented with proper education, shoe wear, cross-training, and running technique. Access to medical and training experts is limited and can be difficult. So, we at NRH Regional Rehab, and our partners in fitness and medicine decided, “Why not bring the medical experts to the public?”

Why should you attend? It’s a series of quick, free, and informative lectures designed to help you understand your body to better prevent training related injuries. Did I say that it was FREE!
If not to learn about your body and training, come by to meet some fellow runners, pick up some free giveaways (Like tech-shirts form the Running Company), maybe even win a pair of new shoes!.

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Week 1: Erica Schwartz, DPM. “Common Foot Injuries and how to Prevent them.”
Wed 3/12, 6-7 PM
Hosted by: Georgetown Running Company @ Chevy Chase,
4461 Willard Ave. Chevy Chase, MD (301)215-6355

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MAX said...

this is very good. people who can, should attend