Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rock Creek Clean Up

Next Saturday I am going to volunteer to clean up Rock Creek. I run along the creek numerous times a week. For some, including me, it is the only rural haven in this Metropolis...and unfortunately, it gets trashed on by our population. I am going to "do my part" and help for a few hours. Is anyone else interested? We could have a solid contingent of GRCers giving back to the community.

Let me know if anyone is interested. Maybe we could run after? It's the day before Cherry Blossom so I'll be taking it super easy anyways.

I hope the weather stays a bit cool...I don't want to run into any black snakes emerging for the spring freshlet.
Help Clean Up Trash in Rock Creek Park!
April 5 is the Annual Potomac Watershed Cleanup. There will be cleanup sites all over the area, and many of them will be along Rock Creek and its tributaries. To find a cleanup site on our interactive map of the Rock Creek Watershed,
select this link. Sites will be added frequently, so check back often.

To sign up as a volunteer, please
click here to register through our listing on Volunteer Match.
This is a fun and rewarding way to help the parks!


Peter said...

Sounds like a worthy cause, I'm in.

JARRIN said...

I'm in depending on the time. Late morning onward works since I've got a buddy in from out of town that's leaving by noon.

KLIM said...

It starts at 9am. I'll probably lug trash for a few hours and then go on a short easy shakeout run (day before Cherry Blossom).

Once I know how many people are interested, I'll figure out where we should start. I believe there are a number of different clean up sites.

bain said...

I would like to and will probably be able to help out--don't know for sure yet, though.

KLIM said...


For those interested in assisting, I propose meeting at the LINE at 9am this Saturday. This is one of the spots they'll be cleaning and it's ironically a weekly meeting spot for GRC. We can help rid trash in both MD and DC by meeting here. After assisting, we can head out on a light run. Let me know who is interested (final tally) and I'll send our group info off to the cat in charge.

DC/MD Boundary Bridge
9am - Noon

Thank you.

KLIM said...

Okay, well they have too many people at "the Line" so I'll need to go somewhere else. If you're interested just let me know and I find out where we'll be.