Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rockville Twilight Results

"Texas" Paul Guevara and "Dutch" Paul Zwama lead the way for GRC men in 25:12 (6th) and 25:15 (8th). GRC's Wilson Komen finishes between them in 25:13.

For the women, Lindsey Jerdonek takes 9th in 30:15. Laura O'Hara is 11th in 30:26.

Andy Sovonick ("Tenders"), who I believe had a bike race in the morning, runs 27:39. Patrick Murphy runs 27:44.

Lavar Curley: 28:14.
Brian Young: 29:56.
Frank Fung: 30:48.

The races were won by Abiyot Endale in 23:47 and Tezata Dengersa in 27:02.


UPDATE: GRC wins team co-ed team competition over rival stores/teams by over 6 minutes!
1.  GEORGETOWN RUNNING CO.           25:12 27:39 27:44 30:13 30:26 = 141:14          Paul Guevara M 24, Andy Sovonick M 25, Patrick Murphy M 27, Lindsey          Jerdonek F 26, Laura O'Hara F 31

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