Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wednesday Workout

Yasso was here
8 x 800 with 2:00 rest 
A group: 2 @ 72s, 2 @ 71s, 2 @ 70s, 2 @ 69s.
B group: 2 @ 73s, 2 @ 72s, 2 @ 71s, 2 @ 70s.

We'll start the B group first and then everyone will run together for 6 reps, and the A group will finish the final 2 reps.

Athletes not racing this weekend are welcome to do all 10 reps. For those having trouble with the 6:30PM start time, please read this.


Big City said...

800's this week so I'm in! Battling some heavy legs and a heavier workload so don't wait up, I'll hop in whenever I get there.

Paul Guevara said...

I've got 20x400 w/ 35 second rest on the schedule. Is anyone insterested in joining?