Friday, August 8, 2008

Fall Races

Can you please post in the comments below your (tentative) fall racing schedule from 8/30 until early November? I'd like to see which races have team competition and then see about getting a team entry for that race. If you can, please note in your reply whether your race has team competition. I would love to hear from ALL of you who run regularly with GRC. below is mine.

Kentlands 5k - 8/30
Nat'l Press Club 5k - 9/13
Philly Distance Run (13.1) - 9/21 TEAM COMP
Army Ten Miler - 10/4 TEAM COMP
After October 4 is unknown


PS - I am away this weekend and NEXT Saturday, but will return for the SUNDAY LONG RUN on 8/17. I was thinking of heading up to Whites Ferry for the "Dual/Duel Ferries Loop" - 10 mile run on dirt roads x 2 = 20 miles. It's a SLAM DUNK.


Peter said...

I would like to do that Pacers CC race at Derwood in mid november.

That Whites Ferry run sounds good.

Nate said...

Magruder Scrimmage 5k 8/29

Parks Half Marathon 9/14

Army Ten Miler 10/5 (Team Comp)

Marine Corps Marathon 10/26 (Team Comp)

PR said...

Annapolis 10-Mile - 8/24

National Press Club 5k - 9/13

Philly Distance Run - 9/21

Annapolis Striders Metric Marathon - 10/6

Baltimore Marathon 5k or Relay - 10/14

Marine Corps Marathon - 10/26

Everything after that depends on the marathon recovery, but I'd like to race the Pacers XC 8k and a Thanksgiving Day race (probably in Atlanta).

Allen Carr said...

I would be interested in running the baltimore relay if we could get a team together.

I have no races scheduled, but I might run the PVI runfest 5k just to sort of race myself into shape.

There is a good chance I will actually be around, if not running, the half in Atlanta around Thanksgiving. My old assistant coach manages a store there and at least one of my old teammates is heading down for the race.

sheena :) said...

Right now I'm registered for:

Philly Distance Fest (9/21)
Marine Corps Marathon (10/26)

I'll probably do a few other races as well, but haven't registered yet.

I see that a lot of us are doing Philly. Has anyone looked into hotels yet? I'll just sleep in a box car and panhandle my way to the starting line (obviously), but just curious what others are doing.

(side note on panhandling:

Justin McCarthy said...

You're doing two of the same races as me.

Philly Distance Run-9/21 (perhaps we can carpool there)

Army Ten Miler

Philly Marathon (11/23)

KLIM said...

This is great.

What about JARRIN, Bain, Murphy, Billy, Dwyer, Melissa et al??? I need skeds!

Melissa said...

Here's mine:
Philly Distance Run - 9/21
Army Ten Miler 10/5
Marine Corps Marathon 10/26

I'm sure I'll do some others, but these are the ones that I'm signed up for and focusing on. The Kentlands 5k on 8/30 and the BWI airport 4 mile on 9/28 (first prize is plane tickets) are also strong possibilities.

Billy said...

Unfortunately, and perhaps unwisely, I don't really have a nice schedule mapped out. I'll be out of town/the country from Labor Day to Sept 20. After that I plan on peaking around mid-November, likely for the Veterans Day 10k (11/09). I need to look at the race calendar in October for some races to use as tune-ups (including the Goblin Gallop - 10/26) and then find some others to sandwich around the 10k. The XC race also sounds appealing to me.

JARRIN said...

You're lucky I read the widget in the margin...

Philly Half Marathon (tentative) - 9/21

Chicago Marathon (definite) - 10/12

Grand Rapids MI Marathon (definite) - 10/19

NYC Marathon (definite) - 11/2

Gonzaga Turkey Trot 10K (definite) - 11/27

Columbia Metric Marathon (definite) - 12/7

Throw in there - somewhere - a sprint or Olympic distance triathlon and a simple 5K. I guess it's time for me to shit or get off the competition pot; so hold me to these (unless of course my foot remains completely hosed).


bain said...

Patience, my dear Klim.... I have been working on it. Here's what I have so far:

Annapolis 10-Mile - 8/24
Kentlands 5K - 8/30 (maybe)
Sandman Triathlon - VA Beach - 9/14 (maybe)
Philly Distance Run - 9/21
Army 10 Miler - 10/5
Marine Corps Marathon - 10/26
Veterans Day 10K - 11/9 (maybe)
Richmond 1/2 Marathon - 11/15 (maybe)

A lot of maybes, I know. And I will probably throw in a few 5Ks here and there.

Jarrin, let me know if you want to go down to VA Beach for a nice sprint tri, the Sandman.

havegoats said...

Alumni race start of september,
philly half
Marine Corps