Thursday, August 7, 2008


Though I am getting old and am in the mode of feeling sorry for myself, I still like to throw on the shoes once in a while and go for a jog:) With this in mind, someone will be at the G-town store on Sat to open it up for people to stuff their belongings there and get some water, etc. The run will probably be an easy to moderate effort in the Glover Archibald forest area. People can go at their own pace and just enjoy the run as they may.

I believe Robert might take the lead on finding a breakfast spot post run, though I am not 100%. I know Melissa is going Kayaking.

As for Sunday, perhaps Pat Reaves, Robert or someone else can select a spot for long run. The run can be for all abilities so long as people know what to expect up front in terms of distance and the route. If someone has a suggestion send it to comment section of the blog and folks can work it out as to what run to do.

Old man Max


PR said...

I'm actually out of town the next two weekends, so I'll have to defer nominating a long run spot.

JARRIN said...

Dear Curmudgeon: I too am out this weekend (got injured and decided to go away) so post run on Saturday I suggest folks amble down towards the fine Belgian organic bakery in Georgetown, called Le Pain Quotidien. It's at 2815 M Street, a bit down the road but worth it.

Peter said...

I'm looking to go 20 on Sunday. Towpath?

havegoats said...

I'm outta town until next sunday.

bain said...

I'll be running Leesburg 20K and will tack on to make it 18 or so.