Sunday, August 10, 2008


Today, the Georgetown Running Company race team went out to do Battle at the Leesburg 20 and 10K in historic Leesburg. As was usual custom, we woke up at the crack of dawn and made the pilgrimage to one of my favorite races in the area.

The typical cast of characters were lingering about pre-race including Mike Wardian, James Moreland, Derik Thomas, Betty Blank, and hoards of other familiar faces I have come to recognize over the years.

Though still trying(seems like forever) to get back into race shape, I was not going to miss this race. Its kinda like Riley's Lock for me. No matter what, you go out and be a sport and run.

Participating in the effort for the GRC was Chris Bain, Bill Askey, Murphy, Nate Timm, a visiting runner from Italy, Paulo Natali, Melissa and myself. Today, the weather was perfect as there was no humidity and the temperature must have been around 80 for the duration of the race.

Prior to the race, we did our little pre-race run and headed to the start. When the gun went off, everyone took off and it was on.

Personally, I decided to try and run 6-6:10 pace as that is the kind of shape I am in. So, without so much as losing any really sweat I simply kept the same pace the whole race. No watch and no stress just nice and comfortable. The only time I tried to push the effort was when the leading woman caught me at mile 10 or so. I decided to try and push her and we ran together for a mile or so but she was running hard and I let her go. Though my time was average. 1:16., I am ok with it as my legs are tight but not dead.

Aside from me, however, the rest of the team did great. Bill and Chris must have run one of their best races to date. Bain came in 4th in 1:09 and Askey played a brilliant stroke by sitting behind two Team Blitz guys, Bert Jacoby and George Ingham until the end, where he used a powerful kick to zoom past them in 1:10. Murphy did the Murhpy thing and Nate Timm ran really well, too. As usual, Tanner was right up there with the leading women.

As for the 10k, our visiting Italian Stallion, Paulo, used his talent alone to muscle out a 2nd place finish in 32 and some change.

After the race we cooled down and had fun and smiled at life.

Life is short and moments are to be cherished.

I am at the Chevy Chase Running Company store now doing my retail thing. If you want to come on by and say hi, buy some new shoes, etc. please feel free.

Peace out

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