Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Some of my predictions. Others can add or chime in.

Ryan Hall upsets Martin Lel and wins gold(marathon)
Ritz comes in 4th(marathon)
Sell comes in 5th(marathon)
Ratcliffe wins providing she finishes without going lame(marathon)
Kara Goucher will medal
Haile G. upsets Bekele in 10000 as he bids farewell to competitive running.
Lagat gets gold.


havegoats said...

I gathered Geb was skipping the marathon this because he still felt he had 3-4 years...and hoped to end his career at London 2012... he didn't want to run the marathon in china because he thought he wouldn't be able to recover well from the smog, and he wants 3-4 years of cash, from appearance fees and possibly still busting out and pulling some prize money.

I think Hall wins bronze. Ritz top 15, Sell top 25. Rowberry silver. sonya Richards silver, Bolt gold, Gay bronze. Goucher 6th in 5k. Flanagan 4th in 10k. Felix gold in 200m, Warnier gold, Merrit silver, Castor silver.

you heard it here first.

havegoats said...

Lagat.... mmmm... bronze 1500.
Teg 9th in 5k. Fam bronze in steeple. Symonds 5th in 800m.

havegoats said...

more calls: Mottram 3rd in either the 10k or 5k, (I don't know which one he is entered in).

Bekele wins 5k and 10k.

russian Yelena Soboleva wins gold in the 800.

and TnF news confirms Geb is out of the 10k due to achilles.

Peter said...

Soboleva and the other Russian mid-distance women have been suspended due to irregularities found in a recent drug test.

Mottram is running the 5K. Lagat will medal in the 1500 and 5K.

Shalane will get bronze in the 10K.

Abdi 7th in the 10K

havegoats said...

well, in olympic predictions, one place off with Flannagan..., 4 off with Goucher, and quite a bit off with tyson gay... but much more on than far