Monday, August 18, 2008


I have enjoyed watching the Olympics. All of the athletes for all of the sports are so dedicated and passionate and simply inspirational. Phelps aside, I have enjoyed seeing Bolt dominate the 100, Bekele and the Ethiopians do their thing with the 10,000 and have even gotten into Badminton.

Its too bad about Lagat in the 15oo and what about Kastor in the marathon. What happened to her foot? How tragic.

The REDEEM team thing is a little silly, I think. The US has always had the best talent for B-ball but for some years they let arrogance and a sense of entitlement get the best of them and simply got out-hustled by less talented international teams.

Seeing LeBron do two handed swats and Chris Bosh and Josh Howard control the interior tells me their minds are in it this year and the US will win gold.

Yesterday we had a nice little group at Difficult Run. We saw Samia Akbar(near Olympian) and some other goddess-like athletes running about.

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