Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ecuadorian Attacked in PG County

Robert Jarrin of Washington DC was attacked today during a long run near University of Maryland. Officials point to Gus and gels left along the trail as a cause of the attack.

"Just as we were finishing up our long run, we noticed something near our food stash." says Billy Askey of Columbia Heights. "At first we thought it was a black dog which we'd seen earlier along the trail."

"F*!$ing cougar" says Jarrin. "I worked hard for those energy packets, wasn't going to let some pussy cat eat all my food."

Based on the aftershots, not sure who came out on top. Jarrin did get his Gus though.

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Peter said...

Robert totally tore up his knee (worse than the picture even shows) in a NASCAR like crash but still added on 2 extra miles with Reaves and me. Very hardcore.