Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Saturday Meeting & More

1. I am meeting at the store on Saturday at 9am for a long run/workout with Patricks Murphy and Reaves...and others?

2. I apologize for the late notice, but I was hoping I could wrangle the team together for a meeting at Dean & Deluca's (the same coffee shop we met at last time) after the Saturday run so that we could go over our FALL race plans. We'll probably get there at/around 11am. Again, like last time, we can throw out what races we want to do and see if there are many similarities. We can also go over any "team things" we want to go over. Grievances, areas to improve, questions, comments, suggestions...threats (?). I also want to give the blog a makeover and would appreciate any input you might have on that front.

I understand it is Easter weekend, but next weekend is Boston and I want to meet before we get too far into spring (Army 10 miler has already sold out). If you're around, please come out for the run and the meeting.

3. I created a RESULTS tab on the calendar. I've done my best to add results into the spreadsheet, but would appreciate it if you could look it over and add/amend what I've started. I KNOW I've missed some of you.

4. Singlets. I am giving Patrick Murray and Dickson a singlet. Does anyone else need one?


Justin McCarthy said...

The forecast for Saturday morning: Chilly and drizzly. If that holds we may have to find a table indoors.

Billy said...

I highly doubt I'll be working out, but I can do the meeting. 11 am?

KLIM said...

Yes 11am, we are running at 9am so that gives about 2 hrs for the run/BSing and gives those who aren't coming to the run, time to sleep in.

KLIM said...

CB 10miler will actually be on TV starting at 11:30am. Maybe there is an alternative location (albeit close by) where we can watch the race AND discuss the business at hand instead of D&D?

Pretty sure, this will end up at a bar...for better or for worse.