Monday, April 20, 2009

Marathon Monday!

You can track both GRC teams HERE

Audio on WBZ (via Itunes and the 'net)

Video via Univeral Sports HERE

Weather - 42 degs in Boston...rising to mid-40s. Cloudy...wind later.

Splits and results coming...


KLIM said...

9:32AM - Melissa starts 113rd Boston Marathon with ELITE women wearin "Ryan Hall"-like arm warmers...

KLIM said...

Slow start for elite women...6:29 at mile 1. Melissa can be seen hanging off back of pack. Ideal first mile for Tanner. Maybe 6:4--45. Well within her range.

1.5 mile -pace begins to pick up

KLIM said...

Tanner - 20:24 for 5k...2:52:30 pace.


KLIM said...

Tanner - 40:32 at 10k...2:51:10 oace

KLIM said...

5k Projected Finish times...

Bain- 2:41
Jarrin - 2:50
Ernst - 2:56

Falls Road
Ben Ingram - 2:28
Ryan McG - 2:43

KLIM said...

11 miles - Melissa drops out with hamstring pull

KLIM said...

Bain getting faster...2:38 pace.

Caroline could ran race of her life...2:48 pace

JARRIN mid-2:50s...Ernst high 2:50s

KLIM said...

Bain has late race rally, will run 2:36.

JARRIN - mid-2:50s
Ernst falling back (3:15)
Caroline low 2:50s
Sheena - high 3:teens
Gabler - 3:28

Ben from Falls Road run 2:32