Sunday, May 3, 2009

Frederick Update


Dickson Mercer, 1st overall in 2:37.03.
Jonathan Amato, 18th overall in 3:07.08, 2nd in 30-34 age group.

Patrick HUGE: 3rd overall in 1:15.11.

If I missed anyone please post. These were the names I recognized/found results for.

I'll write a race report in a bit.


Laura Turner O'Hara - 2:54:22 - 5th Place

Jake Klim - 51:15
Sam Blasiak - 53:15
Dylan Keith - 54:34


KLIM said...

Jon - I hijacked your post and added results from Pittsburg and Broad Street.

Great job in the 26.2. That's a helluvah debute!

Kudos to Dickson for the W.

KLIM said...

More press on Dickson's W here with video and SOTs from the champ.

Towpath - you have some (video) competition.

Peter said...

Congrats to the GRC crew on another successful weekend of racing.

That was a very nicely produced video, especially for a small city newspaper. Not enough Iron Maiden, Ennio Morricone on the soundtrack though.

Billy said...

Great racing everyone (and everywhere). DaveO also ran a 2:36:22 for 6th in Pittsburg - very fine race!

Melissa said...

Nice weekend of racing in Frederick & PA! I hope we get some race reports from you guys!

P Murph said...

Great job everyone!

I had the pleasure of cheering on DaveO and Laura in Pittsburgh... fine performances by both! Easily the fastest couple in the Steel City.

Jonathan said...

Looks like a good weekend of racing for the GRC-congrats, everyone!

Pete-you are right, videos always need more Iron Maiden.

RM said...

Your boy Dane ran another sub 3 as well at Pittsburgh...

KLIM said...

UPDATE: GRC was 3rd as a team at BROAD STREET. Holding off Bucknell Alumni by just 3 secs

Diego said...

woow guys... congratulations to all! you are running so fast its scary; especially since i left (i wonder why...). Greetings!