Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Not to beat a dead horse but I was running on the treadmill again and happened to catch the new M&M tune, Rock Star Love again. Nice tune as the rapper supreme has not lost his way with the tongue. When I first moved to DC back in 99 or so I dated a woman who had a photographic memory and could rap the real slim shady word for word. We used to hang out at some cool dance club on U st(before it was trendy). Somewhere along the way M&M lost his way and was out of the spotlight for a bit. He has returned with some gusto.

I judge a person's character and strength not by how they ascend to the thrown of greatness but rather, how they climb out of a pot hole they have fallen into.

I am not sure the reason for my fixation with M as he certainly is not angel and has many undesirable qualities. Perhaps its his story of rising from poverty and a dysfunctional family situation to achieve some success that is worthy of praise. Who knows.

As for running, it is what it is, a regular companion throughout the journey of life.

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RM said...

I used to be an Eminem fan. First 3 albums were great. He seemed inspired. Then somewhere along the way he became soft and doughy, and cared less about being real. His lyrics are tired, exhausted - he raps about the same things and same people all the time. I never understood why he has to attack other people who are just out there trying to make money too. For that reason I refuse to listen to anything he does now. The Real Slim Shady was such bubble gum rap it wasn't funny.

Now if Max wants to go to karaoke night with me sometime, I'll perform 8 Mile Road (which is awesome and is like 6 minutes long), Forgot About Dre, Guilty Conscience, If I Get Locked Up, Renegade or Kill You, which are all lyrical masterpieces.

Max, if you like Eminem you should listen to Asher Roth's album. The new Eminem.