Sunday, May 17, 2009


Shannon O'Neill finishes 4th at Delaware Marathon in 3:12:37...

MORE: Lindsey Jerdonek, debuting as a professional, finishes 8th in BIG triathlon action in Columbia...Swim 1.5k * Bike 41k * Run 10k

SHOUT OUT: Baltimore buddy Ryan McGrath finishes 32nd in tri

MORE: Ernst drinks weight in Budweiser


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RM said...

Thanks for the props. It was a tough day out there, and I know Lindsey, as a swimmer, doesn't mind the non-wetsuit rule, but I really felt for the pros yesterday who weren't allowed to wear them. Water temp was a balmy 71, and over 68 it's no wetsuits for the professionals. She did a great job in her first Columbia. Also saw Matias, always good to see that guy and was disappointed he wasn't racing!