Tuesday, July 20, 2010


For those in need of some expert medical advice, especially pertaining to the foot, the Chevy Chase RunCo is having Dr. Steve Kominsky at the store tomorrow to provide free screenings of the foot. NOTE: Many a well respected runner, wears orthotics or needs some good council about their little feet.

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On Wednesday, July 21st from 5-7pm, Dr. Steven Kominsky will be at the Chevy Chase Running Company providing free screenings of people's feet. He will be using Digital Gait System Technology to assess and analyze the foot as it lies on a scanning pad. This innovative and modern technology helps determine one's foot type, where the greatest amount of pressure is felt throughout the course of the foot and helps determine potential injury or pain areas.

This is a great opportunity to learn about the most vital aspect of any runner's body, THE FEET. The doctor is in the house to council you on your feet and answer all questions to the best of his ability. Come to the Chevy Chase Running Company and learn something new about how to improve your running!

Dr. Stephen Kominsky completed a surgical residency with emphasis in reconstructive surgery for the athlete; his post -graduate training in Northern California exposed him to several different running shoe companies as a running shoe tester and consultant for development.

Dr Kominsky has been practicing in Washington D.C. for the past 27 years. He is the podiatrist for the Washington Capitals, and the podiatry consultant for the athletic department at Georgetown University. Dr Kominsky continues to remain involved in the sports medicine world as he is a frequent speaker to a sports medicine class at George Washington University and interacts on a regular basis with some of the area running clubs. He is the in-house podiatrist for the Kirov School of ballet in Washington D.C.

The Chevy Chase Running Company is located at 4461 Willard Ave in Chevy Chase, MD. It is a five minute walk from the Friendship Heights Metro and can be reached via phone at 301.215.6355.

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